Sugared Fir Tree Leaves

I really love fir trees!

They remind me of Christmas but also of a journey in the car we used to take to my father’s village in Euboia (Evia). When we were young my brother and I played a game when we started to drive up Mt Dirfis to get to my father’s village.

The game was called “who can see the first fir tree” and whoever saw the first one and pointed it out won the game. You can see fir trees up there above 600 metres but until then you see only pine trees.

In Springtime especially, the game would become easier as the new growth, bright green on the edges of the branches made it easier to spot them..if you touched them they were very soft and if you rubbed them between your fingers the scent they gave off was wonderful….

So I said that I would make a new game so that I could keep that scent around longer. As the internet is full of recipes with sugar coated lily of the valley and sugar coated this and that I though I would make sugar coated fir tree leaves.

What I will do with it I’m not sure yet… maybe I’ll make a cake with it…

Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:5 minutes


100 gr sugar

30 gr. Fresh fir tree stems with leaves from the edge of the branch


Put the fir tree leaves and the sugar in a blender and blend until the leaves of the fir tree are cut up well.

Put the mixture from the blender into a shallow dish or baking tray

Leave it for a few days stirring it up occasionally.

If you like ,sieve the mixture and put what comes through into a well sealed jar.

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