Cherry-Rose Jam

One of my fave jams.

It all started many years ago when where I had a cabin up in the mountains the roses were out at the same time as the cherries. 

You know the best way to see if some ingredients fit to be in the same jam? The way I do it is to put all of them with the sugar as well on a plate, smash them in my hands and try the whole thing. This will give you a pretty good idea about how the jam will be like when it will be ready.

Also you will get a good feeling about how much sugar to use. If it all feels too sweet then add less sugar. In general you do not really need to follow a recipe when you make a jam... 

Later though when I was looking into it I realised that Ferber the famous French jam maker has a similar recipe in her book. In her recipe though she chooses the yellow harder cherries. 

It is a bit hard to make as you have to remove the pits of the cherries but I believe it is worth it!! 


Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:30 mins prep 30 mins cooking
Serves:3 jars


1 kilo of cherries pits removed

1 tsp (not full) salt

800 g of sugar

Petals of 10 fragrant unsprayed roses

a few drops of rose water



Remove the pits from the cherries and add them with the sugar and the salt in a bowl. Smash them all up using our fingers and the salt with help to draw out the liquid from the flesh of the cherries. 

Remove the lower part of the petals with a pair of scissors. We want to cut out the white base of the petals as it tends to be a bit bitter.

Add the rose petals in the bowl and smash them in as well. 

Place the bowl in the fridge and leave it there all night.

Next day we boil the ingredients of the bowl for a minute or two or until the sugar melts.

Place the jam back in the container and place it in the fridge for one more day.

Next day we boil till the jam sets at 104 celsius. 

I like the jam fairly velvety with no big pieces of fruit so I pass it with a stick blender before the second boil. 

When we remove from the fire we add a few drops of the rose water.. 

Transfer in jars... 


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