Blood Orange and Strawberry Jam

I believe that this is the best Jam I have ever made. Period! 

The story started with Alex a.k.a @bakergirlofficial sending me a recipe for a blood orange and radish salad that when she saw it, she thought about me. 

Blood oranges are not very much in season anymore even though I have noticed that a vendor at the farmers market close to my house every Thursday still to this day he sells blood oranges. So, as I was close by there yesterday I made a quick stop and bought some. 

And I did and brought them home. So.. Last night I was about to go to bed and thought to check the fridge and see if there are any veggies that are loosing it and need to be cooked. 

I found some strawberries there that had seen better days and decided to start the process of turning them into a jam. So, while I was cleaning them I noticed the bag of blood oranges I had purchased . And I thought to myself to give it a but of a try and add a few oranges in the jam. And I did. I sliced two of them very thinly and a third I just took the juice and added it in the pot with the strawberries. 

And as I do, I squashed everything up with my hand to give it a taste as I always do to check the aroma and if the whole thing needs more sugar... And I got a shock from the taste. 
Because I sort of expected that there would be a huge clash of flavours as both fruits are quite strong. And yet that did not happen. Instead the whole thing starts off with the scent and taste of the strawberries and then you start tasting the orange... and it is all sublime!!! 

Wondered if that will continue after cooking and I was happy to find out that indeed that is the case. 

Finished the jam the next morning and prepared a few slices of bread with butter and jam to take the pictures. 

I am sorry that the pics are not up to the usual standard. I did not care about the quality, I just wanted to have the jam! 

Let's see what we will need! 


Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:30 min prep, 20 min baking
Serves:2 jars


800g of strawberries (net weight) cut in half or in 4 if they are too big

3 blood oranges (2 of them cut in half an then in thin slices and the juice from the third)

600g of plain sugar

6 tonka beans (if you like)



Add all the ingredients in a deep pot.

Smash everything up with our hands, taste and see if we need to add more sugar and put the put on the stove.

Boil for a few minutes, skim and remove from heat. Empty the pot in a bowl and keep in the fridge till the next morning. 

Return the jam in the pot and boil till set (temp is 104)

Transfer the jam in jars and keep in the fridge



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