Strawberry and Lilac jam

We have a lilac in the garden. 

We have had it for many years (over 50) and I cannot say that it is doing all that well. Either it is too old or we do not really take good care of it.

In any case though it produces a few branches with flowers every year. 

I love its scent and have almost made it a synonym with Easter. Maybe because it is always in bloom around that time. 

So when I went out shopping on friday I went to the farmer's market and there was a guy selling branches of lilac in bloom and bought a few to decorate the house. 

I wanted the whole place to smell like lilac this easter. 

Yesterday I found out that some strawberries I had bought were at their final days so I decided to turn them into jam. And then my eye happened to look at the Lilac in the garden. 

I cut two of their blooming branches and dropped the flowers along with the strawberries in the pot... They sure gave their scent to to the Jam... Not sure if it is as nice a combination as this Chamomile and Strawberry jam is but it sure is interesting. 

Give it a try!! 




Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:30 minutes prep και 30 mins boiling
Serves:2 small jars


800 g of strawberries cut in half or in 4 if they are too big

600g sugar

30 g of lilac flowers

juice from 1/4 of a lemon



Wash the strawberries and let them drain.

Leave only the flowers of the lilac and add them in a bowl with the sugar.

Smash the flowers with the sugar and leave them for an hour for the sugar to become very fragrant.

Add strawberries, smash them up and put the bowl in the fridge overnight.

Next day we transfer the mixture In a pot. Use the beamer crash the fruit and flowers.

Bring to a boil till it reaches 105 Celsius. 
Skim the scum that is produced in the beginning... You could omit that step but the color of the jam will be better if you skim it.
When the jam sets add the lemon juice, stir and remove from heat.

Transfer Jam in 3 jars and keep them in the fridge. Do not worry about sterilizing the jars. They will not last that long.



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