Red Easter Cookies

Did not really feel like making Easter cookies this year. With all that is going on around the world it really starts to affect me. And not so much the fact that we have to stay in all the time but I miss a caress and a hug. As a person I am quite tactile so... 

But i got a message from my friend Afroditi and she asked me for an Easter Cookie recipe that I could have for the girl svouts of Greece. And to that I agreed at once. Of course I have a recipe for that. My mother's recipe that I had not uploaded here yet so...

I wanted to change it a bit though... Make it a bit more modern... And I did, added a lot of colour.. I thought to make them red to suite the Easter eggs and craziness, the revolution, Crist's blood. 
And I had some music on.. I had downloaded some Laurie Anderson tunes and it started with a favorite of mine:


"Hey little darlin,
I'm comin' your way little darlin
And I'll be there
Just as soon as I'm all straightened out
Yeah just as soon as I'm perfect"

And then came: 

"When my father died we put him in the ground When my father died it was like a whole library burned down World without end remember me"

And I continued making cookies and added even more red dye.. 

And i remembered when i was a kid, must have been around 10. At times I would get to bed and as I was just laying there I had something like an impending doom crashing me.. I felt it coming.. "It" begins, I thought to myself and I was overwhelmed. A sadness, a feeling of helplessness. After a few minutes it would pass. Who knows what was going through my mind.. 

And then another favourite came up:


That reminded me of what we are doing now that we are in the house.. And as we cannot be with others we call friends on the phone and we say: Hey, hi, how are you? Stick it out, bye now.. and we promise that when all of this is over we will get together and have a drink and chat.

And of course we will not meet up, just like we did not meet up all the previous months. 

At the time I put the first sheet of cookies in the oven and unfortunately the temp was too high and my cookies turned brown instead of red... brown like dust..


And fortunately the song was over to be followed by Strange Angels:


"Well it was one of those days larger than life

When your friends came to dinner
And they stayed the night
And then they cleaned out the refrigerator -
They ate everything in sight
And then they stayed up in the living room
And they cried all night"

And we will have that as well! Right Andonis, Thimios, Hellen?

And then there is this other magical verse:


"Strange angels - singing just for me
Old Stories - they're haunting me
Big changes are coming
Here they come
Here they come."

And the next tray came out perfect. Pink almost and kids like. The intense of the red gave way to the beautiful pink... Changes are on to us.. But they will not be pink...

Have a good day and Happy Easter... 



Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:15 mins and 15 mins baking
Serves:about 60 cookies


300 g of caster sugar

rind of 2 oranges

Red colour paste

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

300 g butter, room temperature

2 eggs

120 g of orange juice

50 g of brandy or other flavored drink

50 g of milk

1 pinch of sugar

1000 g of cake flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg to make an eggwash for the cookies

candy to sprinkle 



Add sugar and rind in mixer and mix it up for a few minutes.

Add food colouring and vanilla and stir for a minute.

Add butter and mix with the paddle attachment for a few minutes. 

Add the eggs and mix till incorporated.

In a glass you mix orange juice, booze and milk.

In a bowl you shift the flour, salt and baking powder.

Fold the wet ingredients in two stages in the mixer bowl and the dry ingredients in 3 starting with the dry ingredients. 

Preheat the oven at 160 celsius and line three sheets with parchment paper.

Form the cookies and lay them on the sheets.

Brush them with eggwash and add the sprinkles. 

Bake for 12-15 minutes. I advise to first bake a few cookies on a sheet to see how hot yout oven is.. you may need to lower the temp and you may even have to bake them for longer in a lower temp.




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