Greek Pasteli

I had bought a packet of black sesame seeds from the super market. 

I love sesame.. I am the type who will pick each little seed with my fingers and eat it. Surpisingly enough though I do not enjoy tahini so much.. go figure. 

Anyway.. so.. I love sesame.. I love the whole grain one and love the simple one.. BUT I absolutely adore the black one! 

They use it in Asia a lot especially for desserts. There is a dessert soup that they make with it and I want to give it a try as well.. Taste wise there is a difference between the black and white sesame. Black tends to be a lot nuttier and a bit bitter and certainly a lot more intense!

Anyway.. So the packet was about 250g and did not know what to make with it... 

And then came Γιάννα Μπαλαφούτη. Just an incredible person, so talented and with such a great knowledge of food. And she uploaded some pictures from a pasteli that she made. Pasteli is a Greek dessert made traditionally with honey and sesame seeds. 

And with that came the idea to make a Pasteli using the black sesame seeds. 

And I did.. and turned out heavenly!!! 

Here is the recipe


Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:10 minutes
Serves:a battalion


200 g of honey

200 g black sesame seeds

50 g nuts

the rind of one bergamot

1 tblsp bergamot juice




Add honey in a small pan.

Heat it on medium heat till it becomes runny.

Add the sesame and nuts

Cook, stirring the whole time with a wooden spatula till the mixture reaches 105 celsius.

Add the rind and juice and mix one more time. 

Be careful and not burn the honey or yourself

Empty the mixture on a parchment paper that you have smeared with some olive oil.

Let it cool down till you can touch it with your hands and it is not sticky.

Place another parchment paper on top and roll it with a rolling pin as thin as you like it. 

Cut it in pieces. Store them in an airtight container under parchment paper in layers.

Adding a bag of rice with help with the humidity.



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