Colette's Orange wine

I know of Colette.. 

But I had no idea about her Orange wine.. 

We are talking about a prolific writer and really out there person that lived her life to the max! 

She made this wine that gave out at parties... 

Not really wine though, not liquor, I guess you can call it a fortified wine... 

It is sweet, sour, bitter.. I guess just like her. 

Takes some time to make it so you need to be patient but you do not have to do anything other than that... 

Did I hit a nerve? Want to try it? Here goes the recipe!







Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:30 minnute and a month wating
Serves:1 liter bottle


1 bottle of wine 700 ml

3juicy oranges organic cut in slices

200g of sugar

90g or beandy or cognac



In a glass jar add the wine and oranges.

Leave it in a dark spot for 3 weeks.

Strain and transfer the liquid in a pan. Add the sugar.

Heat up gently till sugar melts but not boil (we need the alcohol)

Let it cool (for same reason) and add the brandy.

Move to a glass bottle and keep for a week before opening.

Keep it in the fridge.

Serve cold.



White or rose wine. And the better the wine the better the drink.

Even 2 weeks at first is ok.. but 3 is better.

Don't crash the oranges when straining.. Will not be clear the drink.. 

Will try it with blood oranges and with rose wine... 



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