Cooking Lesson For Beginners Vol. 2

Type:cooking lesson
Location:park Place
Duration:4 hours
Includes:ingredients, apron, recipes
Price: 70 euros

So, in the previous lesson we learned how to bake bread, make cookies etc…

Let’s try something harder now!

Tarama Mousse, Pie with home made phyllo dough, Roasted chicken with potatoes, Celeriac mash, Salad with a few twists and a kick ass vinaigrette, and as for desert we will try a cake.

And of course you will learn all these with my help.

You will learn how to perfectly season a nice piece of meat, learn about the hot spots in your oven.

How can you make a great meze in minutes? How to make perfect roast potatoes, how to make a mash, what is a vinaigrette and how to make one!

Also find out how we place a chicken in the oven. 

How to make a cake that is flat in the centre and not domed. Buttercream or Ganache? 

All these info will be coming your way! 

Add to your skills and never be intimidated in the kitchen again! 

Give yourself a chance!!