Cooking Lessons for Beginners

Type:cooking class
Location:Park Place
Duration:4 hours
Includes:ingredients, apron, recipes
Price: 60 euro

So, what is this about?

It is about learning to cook from scratch but in depth. 

For instance one of the first things that we will learn is how to fry an egg.

And I can hear you all.. “Yannis, don’t we know how to fry an egg?” And I will answer that indeed you do not know how to properly fry an egg as I did not know how to do it some years back.

Apart from that we will learn how to make a dough for pizza, cook a steak, bake some bread and make some wonderful cookies.

And the most important of all is that we will learn these things properly and in depth.

We will also learn how to use our oven and the heat on the stove. 

If we aquire all those skills, then to make a moussaka is just a piece of cake :-) 

So, give yourself the chance to take your cooking to the next level and unlock your hidden talents! 

And later come back to learn how to make the perfect moussaka!