Learning to cook Greek food

Type:cooking lesson
Location:park Place
Duration:4 hours
Includes:ingredients, apron, recipes
Host:Yannis - Robert
Price: 70 euros

What is Greek cuisine? What is it that makes it differ from other cuisines around the world?

What is the “mediterranean diet”? Is Greek cuisine a part of this diet? What has changed since then?

In this lesson we will learn all about Greek cookery and it’s origins and traditions.

We will talk about the use of olive oil and butter.

We will learn about wild greens and local fish, about spring lamb and goat meat and pork in wintertime. 

We will learn about the use of pulses and legumes, wheat and even ‘sacrificial’ foods. The food of the villagers and the food of the suburban class-the food of Tselemende (the father of modern Greek cuisine), the use of Bechamel, stuffed vegetables and Moussaka.

And we will cook…..Boiled wild greens, Handmade pasta, Rusks made with olive oil, Oven-roasted Lamb, Local sausage with eggs, Baked Cod with Garlic mash, Tzatziki (the quick way), A traditional Greek Salad, “Koulourakia” (rings of pastry with Olive oil and sesame seeds) and Halva (a dessert from Semolina)

And finally, whatever has been made and tried by you will be available to be taken with you after the lesson to try with your friends or if you like as your evening meal!

You will never forget these 4 hours learning about the secrets of Greek cuisine!

Kali Orexi (Bon Appetit)!!