Let's Eat At Home - The Small Menu

Type:Φαγητό στο σπίτι
Location:Park Place
Duration:3 ώρες
Includes:Φαγητό και κρασί
Host:Γιάννης και Ρόμπερτ
Price: 50 Ευρώ

We want to take you with us on a journey around Greece in a few hours; tasting local dishes from every corner of our country.

All of this happens in our house, in the park, on a three metre long table that comfortably seats 12 people.

And if weather permits, we will dine in the courtyard garden on a large table under the trees!

We have prepared recipes with wonderful ingredients and we have created a fantastic menu which changes according to the season.

Some of the recipes may be known to you and will bring memories from the past; others will be more experimental and they will surprise you pleasantly.

The meal will consist of at least 4 courses. If you wish you can come earlier and help prepare the dishes too!

Along with each dish you will learn it’s history- where it is from, how it is prepared and what the ingredients are.

It is very interesting to have a connection to the past.

You will leave will a full stomach and hopefully an enlightened view of Greek food!