August 14, 2021

August Harvest

So.. the middle of August is here already and almost all the summer is gone.. But what a summer it has been this year!!! The heat wave of August and then the fires that wiped out almost 10 percent of the total forest area in Greece within 7 days is incredible. 

But in general summer is the time of harvest.. Reap what you sowed all the previous months. If you cared for your crop and weather was in your favour then you are about to get something... 


My friend Panos who grows his lovely "Kelyfos" pistachios once again started the harvest.. and he brought the family to help and the young ones to see what it is all about. 

Since I was there last year as well I can definitely that one year is not at all the same as the one before.

But not the same at all. So, no matter if you trim the trees properly, water, feed them and pamper them ten days of extreme heat just a couple of weeks before the harvest is what makes or rather break in our case the deal... so almost what ever you did before does not matter.

This year the pistachios seem to be "tired" compared to how they were last year. The extreme heat during the active growing time of the edible part of the seed took its toll. One good thing though is that it made them tastier as all is more concentrated. 

As I was leaving he gave me a bag full of fresh pistachios. 

Brought them home, placed them on a wide ceramic plate and adorned them on the table. 


In a plot of land next to his are some almond trees that noone is taking care off. So I visited, said hello and searched among the bad ones for some that were ripe and beautiful. Them as well have suffered a lot from the heat especially since they were not even watered but oh well... 

Brought those back with me and put them in a small ceramic plate from the people of Homatino.. They looked beautiful... 


And as I was gathering all of that I moved to the next plot of land and get some fennel flowers... Will use them to gather the pollen because it just tastes sooooooo nice!!!

So, when I got back home I put all this up after photographing them obviously.. Also I cut the seed pods from a wild pistachio tree that are red when still unripe and turn Green when ripe and put them in a vase... When ripe you can add them in breads but their scent is incredible... 

Also I had bought some decorative pumpkins and put them out on a couple of trays...  In general The place looks like a shop or something... 

I really do not know if I wanted to hide, perform a clensing ritual or just adorn the new furniture and put them into use. 

Because new furniture arrived in the house as some of the old furniture left to go to the seaside... And with furniture people left as our lives evolve and change all the time.

And you stop to think about what is important. The harvest or the journey thus far? I really do not know. All I know is that something is eating me on the inside. I am not calm and collective yet.. 

It is a strange and painful August.. Full of hardships, fires, devastation but also bearing gifts and of course hopes. Let;s see if they will be futile once more... 

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