We visited two other restaurants in Thessaloniki…

But I didn’t want to devote a whole page to each..

The reason is that the first we found by accident one lunchtime near the flat we had rented and we only had a few different things to snack on and the other we came across quite unexpectedly and had to leave early; so the only thing we had was a plate of cheese and a glass of wine and we left quickly.

The first is called Fata Morgana and it was was really close to where we were staying and a friend suggested it who was the same person who told us about Extravaganza which I have written about elsewhere and the second place was The Academy and is in the ‘Ladadika” area of Thessaloniki near the port terminal.

Fata Morgana is one of the new modern tavernas which work well. The people who run it, run it like a coffee shop with food, they fixed it up and cook very tasty food for the neighbourhood in which they are situated and for their friends and it all works very well.

I was pleased because we went early one lunchtime and there were already a large group of locals around 60-ish enjoying their food which means the locals like the food and the service and support them. The service was excellent and the young girl who served us was fantastic.

The first things we had were wonderful: a pastourma-pitaki which was so tasty and ‘kritharaki’ pasta with mushrooms which was like a risotto and totally stunning.

The mains were a little disappointing as the “tagliata” steak was a bit tough as was the pork steak….

All in all it was a good experience and we hope next time we go up north we will visit again and hopefully find the food as good as the starters we had which really made our mouths water..

Info: Fata Morgana, Philippou 1 & Singrou, Thessaloniki, opening hours 11:00-01:00




The second place The Academy, has  an incredible decor and has been taken over by the chef Constantinos Markou. They have separate areas for smokers and non-smokers!!

The bad thing was that we didn’t manage to eat properly as we went late after eating elsewhere and but we had the cheese platter with a bottle of wine and sat and talked to Constantinos about his restaurant and his dreams for the future.

He’s mad about ingredients from small Greek producers and he has been supporting them for years now.

The staff make their own sauces and jams and serves them with their food.

The cheeses we tried were very special. Soft white cheese (almost  like paste), great Kaseri’s and perfect Graviera’s.

I read the menu and hope that next time I am up north I will manage to eat there properly!

Thanks very much!!

Info: The Academy, Aghiou Mina 3, Thessaloniki Tel: 2310 521803


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