May 06, 2019


In Thessaloniki (Salonica) recently we were both struck down with a heavy cold and a chest infection….

Thankfully the Airbnb where we stayed had its own separate gas central heating which we could control and we got a bit better, but with the cold rainy weather and being tired from the journey by car up from Athens ,we found it difficult to find the enthusiasm to enjoy the culinary delights and great restaurants of the city.

A young girl we met via Instagram sent me a message and spoke of a really good and well loved place which was only 150 metres from our apartment.

As it was close and the reviews online we checked out were also good we decided to go early one evening…

That’s how we ended up at Extravaganza…I wouldn’t call it a restaurant, or a taverna..something in Thessaloniki that I didn’t imagine or expect to find, sort of like a gastro-bistro I would say.. A small space with an open kitchen where the chefs make tasty food which is uniquely different…

And indeed it was…whatever we ate was tasty, also what we drank and generally we had a great time there…

The fact that we were able to enjoy the meal without much sense of taste or smell caused by our colds, I would say made that meal  a really great success !

We had little cheese pies with a stunning onion jam.. a wonderful beetroot salad and cabbage dolmades with cabbage in the filling.

For mains we had a spring lamb dish and a wonderful beef tagliata.

Both were superbly cooked and fantastic plates of food…the tagliata had a mushroom sauce and the lamb was accompanied by beans and other wonderful goodies!

We had cocktails and great wine from their selected wine list.

The service was professional a little too formal but efficient.

They don’t allow people to smoke in the restaurant -Bravo!!

The decor was nothing special but the crowd which came to dine were very cool and gave the place its own unique vibe.

A real find!

It”s definitely worth a visit!

Στοά Πτολεμαίων 29Α με Αμβροσίου, tel. 2310529791


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