There are some people who are magical.

OK I know we like to think we are all good, we’re all different, distinct and special.

But not everyone is magical. There are very few people who make you see life from a completely different angle.

They are the people who grab every opportunity and make history, they are the people who with their love for what they do, create a better world for us all.

Dimitri and Savvas are people like this…

I met Savvas years ago at a dog show when he had his first Borzoi dog. He now has two!

Since then we have been close friends! It’s like when you meet someone and you feel you already know them.

The same thing happened when I met his partner Dimitri. Both are people with pure hearts and integrity.

And they also love to cook!. Dimitri is from Evro in Northern Greece, he has great knowledge of local producers and traditional methods of food production. Savvas has a more European air, having spent years in Italy and with great knowledge of Italian cuisine, he creates beautiful table settings with a vast collection of exotic table cloths and napkins and dinnerware from Italy and beyond…but he also makes stuffed courgettes (zucchini) to die for!!!

And at some point while we were dining at their stunning home in the centre of Athens an idea came to us.

“As you two cook so well,” said Robert, “why don’t you cook for foreign tourists who visit the city?”

“What do you mean, and what does it involve?” said Savvas and Dimitri and we started to tell them about a site online called ""

We told them it was the latest trend for well travelled people who are cultured, have been around and want something different to experience on their travels. We told them that you cook for them in your home as they are tired of taverna food and restaurants and want to experience the personal touch and service you can only get at a private dinner party.

“ As if I would cook for complete strangers in my home!” said Savvas.

They are not your average tourists we told him- they are cultured well travelled and wealthy, they just seek something different-it’s very popular in all the major European cities.

“Would you have them in your home?” said Savvas- “ I would but my home is still not finished yet” I replied.

And that’s how it all began..

Three years later and the boys are the number one hosts in Athens on the site and Eatwith also put them on Tripadvisor, with the result that they are the number one ‘restaurant’ in Athens with over 100, 5 star reviews! They have surpassed the top restaurants in Athens such as Spondi, Funky Gourmet (now closed) and Aleria.

You may ask me if their food is better than Spondi. I would say it is a totally different thing and they cannot be compared.

Their flavours are wonderful, the setting is sublime, the dinnerware and flatware is gorgeous, the wine served is overflowing and the meal is a culinary journey through Greece and the experience is the epitome of Grecian hospitality.

With those qualities they surpass any restaurant in Athens with the personal touch.

They make you feel like a part of the family, like relatives  you haven’t seen for ages; from where you come from, making you feel  totally at home with them.

If you read some of their reviews you will understand what I mean.

I would suggest you go there yourself. It will seem like you are at the home of your favourite uncles….. and what’s better than that!

To find them follow the link below!





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