The Old Post Office Tavern

I have been visiting Halandri (a northern Athenian suburb) for years now..there are lovely places to eat or to go for a coffee but it’s very hard to find parking.

My old university pal Natassoula lives there, we have been friends from the time I was at the Horticultural College, and her wonderful family home was often a place where all the students used to meet.

A few years back I also met a couple called Anestis and Giorgos who live there with the most amazing garden and so there was even more reason to visit Halandri.

But for all those years, although I had heard of a Mezedopoleio called “The Old Post Office”, I hadn’t had the chance to go there.

I was dragged there by an old work colleague and so we found ourselves there one Saturday lunchtime….well I arrived.. the others were late.. and it was one of those magical days and the place was empty as we had booked a bit early for the normal Greek time to eat lunch..

I found myself in an old house, in a beautiful courtyard in which the old post office of Halandri used to be.

I was enraptured…I ordered a Tsipouro and waited for the others to arrive knowing that they wouldn’t easily find a parking spot; I went outside and took some more photos of the place.

At some point the others arrived and we sat down to eat.

I would have to say the service was good but not overly friendly. It didn’’t bother me I just wanted to note the fact.

About the food. The thing that impressed me the most compared to other Mezepoleia (and I include some I love) is that they didn’t have much fried food.

Generally whatever we ate was tasty and well prepared.

They try to use Greek products from various different areas of the country which is something I like very much.

Very nice baked chick peas from the island of Sifinos, great livers, the sautéed wild greens were crunchy but I like them that way.

Great Mastelo cheese from the island of Chios with the pork fillet, the mushrooms were fine, OK, mushrooms whatever..

For dessert the treated us to homemade pasteli (sesame seeds and honey made into little cakes)

The food was good, not unforgettable, but let’s face it, it’s a Meze place!

The portions are small but they always are in Mezepoleia it’s not a restaurant with main course sized food.

The only complaint was it was so smoky- they allow smoking inside and the ventilation was pathetic.

I hope you go though.. it’s worth it.

Info: Sofokli Venizelou 9, Halandri, Athens

Tel: 2111838890

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